Kelly Ripa Gets Dunked After Hilarious Hula Hoop Challenge

Kelly Ripa has kicked off her 4th of July weekend with a “splash.”

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The TV presenter’s family went head-to-head against “Live with Kelly and Ryan” producer Michael Gelman’s family in an Independence Day themed hula hooping contest.

Ripa was joined by her son Michael, husband Mark and nephew Sergio, taking part in the competition from her backyard.

Explaining the rules, her co-host Ryan Seacrest said that each family must hula hoop until just one person remains.

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The winning team would then be allowed to select one person from the opposite family to have a bucket of water dunked over their head.

Ripa’s team appeared confident to begin with, but their hula hooping skills just couldn’t match up to the Gelman family.

“Gelman girls, if there’s a soul in your bodies you’ll still dunk water on your dad. Dump water on that old man,” urged Ripa after losing the contest.

Choosing their water bucket victim, Gelman said: “Since Kelly picked me … I’d like to pick Kelly Ripa.”

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“Gelmans are monsters,” proclaimed Ripa, before one of her teammates emptied the bucket over her.

Gelman didn’t get away home free either, as his family just couldn’t resist getting him all wet.

Rounding up the episode, Ripa proclaimed: “You’re welcome America, and happy Independence Day!”

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