“Baywatch” may be coming back to TV.

This week, actor David Chokachi, who played Cody Madison on the classic ’90s series, appeared on the “Production Meeting” podcast and shared news about a potential reboot.

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“Right before COVID, they were in talks of rebooting the show,” he said. “They were going to bring back three of the regulars from the original and I’m one of them, I found out, which is cool.”

Chokachi also revealed that he has been pitching a “Baywatch” reboot for several years and that there had been previous talks to make it happen, but the movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron and Priyanka Chopra stopped those discussions in their tracks.

“I had pitched them, they rebooted every show from the ’90s and I’d say half of them were hits. I was like, ‘Why are you guys lagging on this, why didn’t you try and strike?'” he said. “Then the movie came out and the movie squashed any idea. CBS was going to do the show, I had a meeting with them, a location scout. Then the movie came out and instead CBS went with [‘Magnum PI’] that year.”

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As for the current talks, Chokachi says, “They’re still trying and creatively, do I wanna go back and do that work? Why not? In this day and age, that show could blow up again on streaming.”

He added, “I think that show could come back and find a real audience again. If you got the right young group of kids, young actors together with a couple of the OGs, I’m still rooting for it, man.”