A number of celebs are using July 4th to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement and other issues facing the United States.

Madonna was first to share a powerful video from Daveed Diggs. “The 4th of July is a lie • ……………until we make it otherwise,” the singer captioned the post.

“Every day I wait for rain, some indication that this land that I am set to die on will grow good enough to deserve me,” Diggs said in the clip while images of the protests played.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger also shared a video message.

“Happy birthday, America. Thank you for letting me live the American Dream. We must fight every day to make sure that dream is as true for a Black child born in Minneapolis as it was for a white bodybuilder born in Austria,” he wrote.

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“Some might say this is no time to rejoice,” the former California governor said in the video. “We have Americans who cannot breathe, except on ventilators. Who cannot breathe because of a knee on their neck, because of oppression and racism.”

He then shared why “this immigrant has hope.”

“Our fellow Americans in the street and rightfully hurt, angry and tired. Yet these rights are not real for everyone,” he added. “Let us respond to them with meaningful change.”

“So, on this July 4, we celebrate not only what has been achieved, but we celebrate the day that’s coming when America’s promise will be real for every American.”

Miley Cyrus also chimed in, sharing a video of her performance at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival as she introduced her hit “Party in the USA”.

“It’s not a party in the USA if we don’t have equality, unity, justice, compassion, kindness, opportunity, healthcare, education, non-violence…”

“This was in 2017. Feels EVEN MORE relevant right NOW,” she wrote in the caption. “It ain’t a Party In The USA until we see #LibertyandJusticeFORALL you heard me, FOR ALL! ”


“Queer Eye” co-host Karamo Brown shared his own message.

“Everyone, so today is Fourth of July, so I wanted to remind you, #AllCountriesMatter. See how stupid it sounds?” Brown said before telling people, “remember to vote.”