Gavin Rossdale Admits His ‘Most Embarrassing Moment’ Was ‘The Crumbling Of My Marriage’ To Gwen Stefani

Gavin Rossdale is admitting the dissolution of his marriage to Gwen Stefani was a major source of embarrassment.

The Bush frontman wed Stefani in 2002, with the marriage ending in divorce in 2013 when she allegedly discovered he had been cheating on her with the nanny to their three children.

In an interview with The Guardian, Rossdale, 54, is asked a series of quick questions, including, “What was your most embarrassing moment?”

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His response: “The gross and lopsided spectre of the crumbling of my marriage.”

In a 2017 interview with The Guardian, Rossdale described his divorce as “the worst time of my life ever!”

Looking back at the negative press he received during the split, Rossdale said he tried to avoid it, but was aware of how he was being depicted.

“Well, if you divorce America’s sweetheart, you’re in trouble. Or rather, if she divorces me,” he explained. “So… I don’t read that stuff, but I know I’ve been portrayed as a bad guy.”

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In the current Guardian interview, Rossdale is also asked to single out the most important lesson that life has taught him, and his answer indicates that he’s moved on from Stefani, who’s now in a long-term relationship with country star Blake Shelton.

“That life is just a series of chapters, and it’s essential to try not to bring older chapters into new chapters,” he answered.

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