David Ayer Clarifies Casting Concerns Over Shia LaBeouf In ‘The Tax Collector’

Director David Ayer is responding to criticism surrounding his new movie “The Tax Collector” starring Shia LaBeouf.

In the film, LaBeouf plays Creeper, a tax collector for crime lord Wizard. People on social media expressed their concern that a Latin actor should be playing the part of what appears to be a Latin character from the trailer.

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“Hey, really important question that I think you should answer publicly in 2020. Is Shia Lebouf playing a Latino character in Tax Collector? If so, why didn’t you cast a Latin actor?” one person said.

Ayer responded, “Really important answer – Shia is playing a whiteboy who grew up in the hood. This is a Jewish dude playing a white character. Also the only white dude in the movie.”

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“The Tax Collector” hits select theatres, on-demand services and digital on Aug. 7.

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