Bryce Dallas Howard starred alongside Robert Pattinson throughout the “Twilight” saga but she was also one of his biggest fans.

While speaking to People, Howard admitted she used Pattinson Post-It Notes before she even worked with the star.

Howard’s friend knew what a big fan she was of Pattinson so she “made a bunch of Post-it Notes for me with a picture of Rob’s face.”

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“Under it, it said, ‘Live dangerously.’ I wrote all my notes on that for years,” she said.

While most people would be thrilled with the themed notes, Howard’s husband was not.

“When I first saw the first ‘Twilight’ movie, I watched it with my husband,” she said, “and whenever Robert Pattinson came on screen, I would squeeze his hand so hard.”

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 “At a certain point he was like, ‘Can you stop squeezing my hand when that man goes on screen?'” she said laughing.

And luck was on her side aa Howard was cast in “Twilight: Eclipse”, adding that Pattinson was “a total sweetheart.”