George Lopez Tackles Race, Politics & More In His New Netflix Standup Special ‘We’ll Do It For Half’

George Lopez is tackling race and politics, while divulging the life lessons he learned from his Latino community in his new Netflix comedy special “We’ll Do It For Half”.

For the comedian-actor, comedy is all about “bringing people together” while not shying away from subjects that may divide us, as he returns to his standup roots in the new special.

“In simpler times, if someone didn’t like politics, they didn’t like your politics, it’s not that they didn’t like you as a person — so we’ve come to a place where we’ve lost the ability to disagree, and if you don’t think the same way, you’re less than them,” he tells ET Canada.

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“The sooner we get to take things less personal, the sooner we get to remembering that we can agree to disagree and we should remember to love the people who are in our lives right now because they won’t live forever,” Lopez adds.

Having recently turned 59, Lopez can’t help but think of the passage of time.

“You think that you’re going to live forever and then you’re almost 60. So what I would say to anybody, never relinquish the opportunity to go and have a good time,” he says. “I was never one of those people who was like, ‘Oh, I better not because I’m on medication.’ I’ve had some great times, I’ve taken a lot of risks, I’ve met people I never thought I would meet.”

“We’ll Do It For Half” is now streaming on Netflix.

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