Hasan Minhaj Takes Questions From Desi Teens About Quarantine, Biryani & More

Hasan Minhaj is answering questions from Indian-American teenagers.

In a past episode of “Patriot Act”, the host asked a group of desi teens about growing up in America.

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Now, in quarantine, Minhaj has turned the tables on himself, taking questions from the same group on a number of subjects.

The first question is whether he has fed his two-year-old daughter biryani, to which he answered that not only has she been eating the classic Indian dish, she’s been eating all kinds of Indian food.

Asked about the state of the coronavirus pandemic he said, “Going forward I certainly hope we figure out what the rules are, who’s in charge, and we stay consistent with following the rules.”

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When asked by another kid what kind of desi uncle he wants to be, Minhaj joked that he plans on going “full uncle” with “the full ET body. Skinny arms. Gut. Moustache. Cricket on in the background. Not listening to any family members. Forwarding conspiracy theories on WhatsApp.”

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