Tom Hanks Says Doing Your Part To Stop Coronavirus Spread ‘Should Be So Simple’

Tom Hanks doesn’t understand why people

On Tuesday, the actor appeared on the “Today” show and talked about what it was like being diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year.

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Recalling the symptoms, Hanks described not being scared because he and wife Rita Wilson were both “feeling punky,” but he said he felt “rotten.”

Hanks talked about the “societal question” lingering in the U.S. over how to handle the coronavirus, saying that “doing one’s part should be so simple.”

Of his new Second World War movie “Greyhound”, Hanks was asked about the “heartbreaking” closing down of movie theatres, but he said, “I’m actually thrilled that Apple TV is making it possible for everyone to see it.”

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During the interview, Hanks picked up a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham off his bookshelf and read a passage of it as the show cut away to commercial.

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