Keke Palmer Discusses The Black Lives Matter Movement, Says Donald Trump Is ‘Inciting A Race War’

Keke Palmer is using her platform to continue the conversation and encourage action amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

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In the August issue of Cosmopolitan, the actress candidly addresses the protests that erupted following the tragic death of George Floyd.

“When I saw some of the violence, I couldn’t actually see myself doing that because I work from a different place, but I understand it,” Palmer said.

Added the 26-year-old: “There are people out there who feel like that is their only option in order to be heard, or their only way to have access to something they feel represents value.”

“If the language for so long toward you has been violence, how would you expect someone to respond?”

Photo: Dana Scruggs
Photo: Dana Scruggs

Just last month, Palmer made headlines after a video circulated on social media that showed her asking a National Guardsman to march beside the peaceful protestors.

Now looking back, the “Hustlers” star says that it was definitely a “euphoric” moment for her.

“At that moment, I felt like, You’re human like me. I’m fighting out here, not just for me but for you too, you and the universe. Everything I said came out like word vomit. I know I didn’t let him get a word in edgewise but it was because I wanted him to feel me. I wanted to connect to the human, not the suit, not this robot-ass s**t,” she recalled.

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This isn’t the first time that Palmer has protested police brutality. Back in 2014, she joined a demonstration in Ferguson, Missouri, after the killing of Michael Brown.

Photo: Dana Scruggs
Photo: Dana Scruggs

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Palmer says that quarantine has allowed “us to be more reflective” and not gloss over the issues at hand because of work.

“It’s also been a buildup. There have been so many names turned into hashtags, so much pain. It blows me away because our language has progressed — I don’t mean specifically Black people. I mean young people, millennials. Naming white supremacy, saying that out loud,” she added.

Continued Palmer: “I think President Trump plays into it, too. He’s inciting a race war. His craziness is inspiring us to just really get him the f**k out! It’s like we needed somebody who riled us up so much for us to be activated to the point of saying, ‘Oh, hell no. I can’t let this guy continue.’”

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Check out Cosmopolitan‘s full interview with Palmer here before the issue hits newsstands on July 14.

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