Lin-Manuel Miranda Called In Sick To ‘Hamilton’ Performance The Night Beyoncé Came To Watch

The first time Lin-Manuel Miranda called in sick to a Broadway performance of Hamilton just so happened to be the time Beyoncé and Jay-Z came to watch.

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“I’ll tell you my sad Beyoncé story, which is that the night Beyoncé and Jay Z came to Hamilton I had a 104-degree fever and I could not get to the theatre to perform in the show,” Miranda told Apple Music‘s Zane Lowe. “It was my first time being sick.”

“It was my first time calling out,” the Hamilton creator continued. “And at noon they said, ‘Beyoncé‘s coming tonight.’ And I was like, ‘Pull the IV out, I can do it.’ My wife was like you, ‘You have to stay home.’”

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“Hamilton” is now available as a Broadway movie on the Disney+ streaming service.

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