Josh O’Conner Opens Up About Acting Out The Prince Charles, Princess Diana Love Story On ‘The Crown

With season four of “The Crown” expected to debut later this year, Josh O’Conner is opening up about what it was like to act out one of the most iconic royal romances on the small screen.

O’Conner, 30, who stars at Prince Charles in season three and four of the hit Netflix series, chatted with Screen International about challenging the question of whether Charles really loved Princess Diana.

Princess Diana will appear in the upcoming fourth season. She will be played by newcomer Emma Corrin.

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“When I sat down with (creator and writer) Peter Morgan… I realized that – as with all the characters in ‘The Crown’ – they are never quite what they seem in reality,” he said before realizing the “trick” to playing him.

“The trick is to remember that anything we know of Prince Charles is a media representation of him,” O’Conner explained. “Usually, the moments where he is in the public eye are well planned and organized. He is presenting a version of himself that he wants people to see. I think that was a luxury, because it meant you can invent.”

But the big challenge for O’Conner was Charles’ relationship with Diana.

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“We all have a set position on the dynamic between Charles and Diana,” he said. “It’s been great to have the ability to either fight against that or, at times, acknowledge it and also to challenge any question of, ‘Did he ever love her?’”

As royal followers know, Charles and Diana divorced in 1996, nine years before the Prince Of Whales married ex-girlfriend Camilla, now the Duchess of Cornwall.

“Personally I think he must have done,” he added. “There’s a wealth of layers and richness to Charles and Diana, and I loved seeking that out.”

No word yet on a potential release date for season four of “The Crown”.

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