A new teaser for “Expecting Amy” has dropped, offering fans a sneak peek at the upcoming docuseries chronicling the “Trainwreck” star’s pregnancy journey.

In the clip, Schumer and husband Chris Fischer share the story of how, on the day after Schumer announced her pregnancy, she managed to throw paparazzi off her trail by having her personal assistant Molly (who’s also Fischer’s sister) disguise herself as Schumer.

“She took [Schumer’s dog] Tatiana and put on a hood…” Fischer explains, with Schumer interjecting, “We were like, ‘Molly, you have to look s**ttier, and s**ttier and s**ttier, until she was literally a homeless guy wearing a ‘Hello Dolly’ sweatshirt.”

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Schumer had to leave and didn’t want the paparazzi following her, Fischer explained, revealing that he pulled up and Molly-disguised-as-Amy jumped in and they sped off, leading the photographers on a wild goose chase that allowed Schumer to make an undetected exit.

“And they followed them for like hours,” added Schumer.

All three episodes of “Expecting Amy” will be available to stream on Friday, July 9.

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