Given the current state of the world, summer vacations for many are becoming summer staycations, which is the case for Gwyneth Paltrow and her family.

In a new blog post on her Goop lifestyle site titled “Summer at Home,” Paltrow, 47, writes about hunkering down at home and spending time with her family. “Home is where the heart is. Right now, it’s also where the work, dates, entertainment, and summer vacation are,” she writes.

“I’ve reset my course a bit to embrace this new normal, and after three and a half months, I’ve found hacks that make WFH a little less taxing, tips for combating recipe fatigue, ways to move my body and quiet my mind and make sheltering in place feel like a holiday without ever stepping foot on a plane,” she continues.

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One way to combat boredom, she explains, has been playing board games, and she reveals she bought a naughty jigsaw puzzle for son Moses, 14.

“There’s been a lot of Trivial Pursuit happening at the house,” she writes. “And I got Moses the boob puzzle just for fun.”

The 450-piece puzzle, titled “Boobs” and available on the Goop site, features a watercolour drawing of numerous pairs of female breasts.

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In her post, Paltrow also details the recipes she’s been trying, the health and wellness regimens she’s been undertaking, and some of the clothes she’s been wearing — all of which, not coincidentally, can be purchased on her website.

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