Catherine Zeta-Jones On Her Acting Future: ‘I’m Really Looking Forward To Finding The Right Thing’

Catherine Zeta-Jones is putting a lot of thought into her next acting project.

On Monday, the actress appeared on “Good Morning Britain” and was asked about whether she was taking another break from acting.

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“I’ve had such a fantastic career on stage and on film… my husband is 25 years older than me, he’s having great success on his Netflix show,” she said. “I’m really looking forward to finding the right thing. I feel very blessed that I can wait that out, to find the right thing.”

The 50-year-old also shared how the coronavirus lockdown has affected her approach to her career.

“What I found out about myself [in lockdown] is how crucial a structure is in my life. I was watching all these actresses and people in the media who seem to be able to do everything in quarantine, they’re baking and making bread and sourdough,” she said.

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Speaking about the Black Lives Matter movement, Zeta-Jones said, “The analogy being that this is such a humbling time for the world. Whatever nationality you are, whatever colour you are, whatever sex you are, it’s a very humbling time. And if there were a time where it’s come to this big crescendo, it’s now. I hope that there is a transition into a much more peaceful, loving, accepting world.”

Zeta-Jones also revealed that she and husband Michael Douglas recently got a new puppy to bring more joy into their lives.

“We’re very lucky and we had a new puppy,” she said of their time in quarantine. “He always takes the focus off anything that’s going a little awry. We go, ‘Oh, puppy.'”

Asked who is more annoying, she or her husband, Zeta-Jones admitted, “I’ve got to be really careful. I’m going to say me.”

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