Rob Lowe Says Chris Farley ‘Put An Entire Cube Of Butter’ On ‘Every Bite’ Of His Two Steaks

Rob Lowe says Chris Farley’s legendary comedy chops were only rivalled by his meat chops.

Lowe called in to Tuesday’s episode of “Conan”. The actor reflected on working with the iconic Farley on “Tommy Boy” and an unforgettable dinner they had following production.

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“There are certain people in life that for whatever reason you remember exactly where you were when you met them,” said Lowe. “Farley was one of those guys.”

Lowe took Farley to a steakhouse to celebrate the end of production on “Tommy Boy”.

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“Upon each bite of the two full bone-in porterhouses he put an entire cube of butter,” Lowe recalled. “On every bite.”

Why would Farley do such a thing? He told Lowe, “‘It needs a hat.'”

That moment has stuck with Lowe a quarter-century later: “Every bite of steak I eat to this day I go, ‘I wonder if I should put a hat on this.’”

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