“Call Me by Your Name” almost had a very different lead actor.

Variety caught up with Matt Bomer and iHeart’s “The Big Ticket” podcast to dish about the what-ifs of his career. Bomer, 42, said he was in the running to star opposite Timothee Chalamet in “Call Me by Your Name”. The role ultimately went to Armie Hammer. Director Derek Simonds was originally working on an adaptation before Luca Guadagnino took the helm on the final product.

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“I had met with Derek years ago when he was involved in ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ and we’d hit it off creatively and had a great conversation,” Bomer said. “I obviously loved the material; I loved talking with him about it,” he added. “I thought it had real potential. Then he went on to do other things and I went on to do other things.”

That was not the only big role that Bomer had his eyes on. In his youth, he almost joined “The Mickey Mouse Club” at the same time as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling.

“They lined you up and you had to sing a song. I had no song prepared, so I just sang the same song that the girl in front of me sang. It was ‘Eternal Flame’ by the Bangles,” Bomer recalled. “Then I basically made up this monologue on the spot for the comedic acting part or whatever, and I kept getting called back and called back. I didn’t have a headshot, I had nothing.”

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“They called me and they were like, ‘We think we’re going to bring you down to Orlando for a screen test…’ So I was so excited, I had time to prepare, I got a real monologue together, I prepared a song. I think I got called at the last minute and they ended up not bringing me down,” Bomer said. “They were probably like, ‘Who is this kid? No one’s going to come with him. He’d be on his own.’ But it was really exciting, and it would have been in that same class with Justin and Britney and Ryan and all those people.”

Bomer recently starred in season 3 of “The Sinner” and will next perform alongside Jim Parsons and Zachary Quinto in “The Boys in the Band”.