Charlize Theron Says Filming ‘The Old Guard’ ‘Finally’ Conquered Her Fear Of Riding Horses

Charlize Theron is looking back at conquering her fear of riding horses.

The Oscar-winning actress chatted with Entertainment Weekly, revealing filming her latest project, “The Old Guard”, “finally” helped her get over that fear.

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According to Theron, she used to be a horse lover until she was bucked off a horse and was knocked unconscious.

“For some reason on this film, I decided to finally address that fear,” she explained. “It was the thing I definitely gave the most time to, even though there was very little of it in the movie. I’m really grateful that I got to have that experience because it was a good one for me to get over.”

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She added, “I love horses. I want my children to be around horses. But I always had this fear when I was on them that something could go terribly wrong at any instant. So it was like a metaphor for my life in a weird way, this movie. It was therapeutic for me.”

“The Old Guard” is based on the comic book of the same name. It will premiere on Netflix on July 10.

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