Gayle King Forgot There’s An Avocado Orchard In Oprah’s Backyard

BFFs Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey have been hunkered down at the latter’s palatial pad in California while they quarantine, with King living in her own self-contained guesthouse on the massive compound.

In a hilarious Instagram post, King shares a video of herself driving over from her guesthouse to Winfrey’s “main house” because she had run out of avocados.

“I asked, ‘Hey neighbour, do you by chance have any avocados?’ because we had ordered some from Instacart,” King explained.

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Winfrey’s response: “No need! We have an avocado orchard!”

King, however, had forgotten that important fact, and had been ordering fresh avocados via Instacart, an online service that delivers groceries. “We’ve been ordering avocados like every other day,” said King.

Winfrey reminded her, “You’re living in a house where we’re giving them away, Gayle, giving them away!”

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King, however, insisted she only ordered avocados because she didn’t want to be an imposition. “Well, we’re trying to be good neighbours and not borrow every little thing,” she said.

“Well, thank you,” replied Winfrey.

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