‘Ozark’ Cast Struggling With Video Chat Is So Relatable

Lockdown has not been easy for the cast of “Ozark” and Jimmy Kimmel.

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The stars of Netflix’s hit crime drama caught up with Kimmel for a special group video chat titled, “Ozark: In Conversation”. Unfortunately, the call was plagued with internet connectivity issues — as many a reader can probably relate.

“Okay, so who can’t hear Jimmy? Janet cannot hear Jimmy?” Bateman asks. “Is that right?”

“I do want to point out that if you are halfway through this show, do like Janet has done and get off this call right now,” Kimmel teased. “You guys might win the Emmy but we are not going to win a Webby for this.”

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The entirety of “Ozark” season 3 premiered in March 2020. The cast will return for a fourth and final season.

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