Radio host Rickey Smiley’s daughter Aaryn has spoken out after being shot during an alleged road rage incident over the July 4 weekend.

The 19-year-old was shot three times while driving to a fast food restaurant in Houston on Sunday, July 5.

She said on Smiley’s morning show, “Let’s see if I can get through it without crying,” as her dad asked her to tell the listeners a bit about what she went through.

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Aaryn then said how she’d been celebrating her 19th birthday when she was shot through the window of her car.

She said, “I’m okay, I’m happy to be alive, I’m praying for those that have had to give their lives to gun violence. I’m just happy to be here.”

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The teen added, “I thought they were shooting fireworks, I thought, These are just some dumb kids,” when asked when she knew she’d been shot.

Aaryn shared, “I blacked out for five minutes, I remember seeing the blood then it all just went dark.”

Listen to more from the interview in the clip above.

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