Kehlani has just unveiled her new “quarantine-style” music video for “Bad News” — and it’s definitely good news for fans.

The video for the latest single from her recently released It Was Good Until It Wasn’t album was directed by Hyphey Williams (which, Kehlani revealed in a tweet, is actually her).

In the black-and-white video, Kehlani wears a white wedding dress, surrounded by stacks of newspapers.

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Kehlani had originally planned to hit the road this summer in a high-profile opening slot on Justin Bieber’s tour until the whole thing was kiboshed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To fill her time, she’s been conceiving and directing her own music videos, with “Bad News” following her previous “quarantine” videos for “F&MU”, “Everybody Business”, and “Toxic”.

As she explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, directing her own videos while quarantining in her home has led her to learn filmmaking techniques on the fly, using whatever she has to work with.

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“It’s, ‘How many times can we reinvent the same space?” she explained. “How many times can we shoot in the garage and make it look like we’re not in the garage? How many times can we use a certain area in the backyard and make it a new area?’”

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