“Terminator: Dark Fate” was released last year, but a clever Easter Egg was just discovered in the film.

Thanks to ScreenCrush editor Matt Singer, he discovered that the number (888-512-1984) written on the side of the T-800 van near the end of the movie actually works.

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Not only does it work, but you also get Carl’s voicemail.

“Hi, this is Carl’s Draperies. We have the best drapes and curtains anywhere in Texas. I can guarantee you that. Sorry we’re not here right now to answer your call, but we’ll call you back. Until then, hasta la vista,” Arnie says.

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In the film, the T-800 manages to murder John Connor, but then becomes obsolete since Skynet has already been destroyed. T-800 decides to stay as Carl and live with his own family on earth.