Lisa Vanderpump Responds To Sarah Paulson’s Claims She ‘Wasn’t That Nice’ To Her

Sarah Paulson paid a virtual visit to “Watch What Happens Live” on Thursday to discuss the wrath of “Real Housewives” fans after sharing an anecdote about an awkward encounter with Lisa Vanderpump last year.

It started when Paulson gave an interview to Vanity Fair, ostensibly strapped to a lie detector, revealing that she met the “Vanderpump Rules” star at a party and that Vanderpump “wasn’t that nice to me.”

As Paulson told “WWHL” host Andy Cohen, she found herself targeted by angry fans who slammed her for attacking Vanderpump — even though she didn’t see her words as a diss.

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“I didn’t say she was a terrible person! I just said that she wasn’t that nice to me,” Paulson told Cohen. “She wasn’t. That’s okay. It’s not a character assassination. She wasn’t that friendly.”

According to the “American Horror Story” star, Vanderpump “didn’t know who I was and I did not expect her to know who I was, but she just wasn’t that nice.”

Paulson admitted she wasn’t prepared for the level of anger she experienced from Vanderpump’s fans. “Listen, bless the fans, bless the people who have her back, that is great!” she said. “But there was a kind of vitriol that was, like, wow!”

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During another portion of the interview, Cohen attempted to get Paulson in even more trouble when he asked her opinion on members of the “Glee” cast calling out Lea Michele’s bad behaviour on set, given that she and Michele have both worked extensively with the show’s producer, Ryan Murphy.

“I’m having an issue with my connection,” Paulson quipped, “I can’t hear you.”

After Paulson’s remarks made headlines, Vanderpump decided to hit back.

“Apparently @MsSarahPaulson you are in a picture with me holding my precious lil Giggy,” she tweeted along with a group photo. “I rarely let anybody hold him as he is so delicate, you must be friendly with one of those mean girls. I have no reason to be anything but kind to you.”

“I don’t know what she is talking about,” she added. “I would never be laughing and giving Giggy to someone if wasn’t totally okay with them. People are so unnecessarily mean.”

Check out the Vanity Fair interview that started it all:

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