Bears should know better than to mess with Dame Helen Mirren.

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The Oscar-winning actress is on the latest episode of “WTF with Marc Maron”, and in it she tells the story of how she fended off a bear that was meddling about in her back garden.

“A great big black bear came by and stole my bird feed,” she recalls. “I went out and I said, ‘Bad bear, naughty bear, very naughty bear!’”

Asked how the bear responded, Mirren says, “He sort of looked at me and lumbered off.”

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She then explains that she learned how to deal with a bear that’s “hunching its back like it is about to charge” from a pamphlet on the subject.

“They said you make yourself look as big as possible,” Mirren says, “if you can grab a stick, make yourself look big and then it literally said and then shout, ‘Bad bear, bad bear!’”