Lightwave Theatre Company Deliver Heart-Wrenching Life-Size Puppetry Performance On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Lightwave Theatre Company tell a heart-wrenching story during Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent”.

The independent visual theatre company from Romania use life-size puppets to put on shows for adults, and all the judges appear to be impressed as they bring their emotional show to the “AGT” stage in the upcoming episode.

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The audition sees the group reveal a dog’s love for its owner, a little girl, who almost gets run over by a car before her pup comes to her rescue.

The show is performed to “Carry You” by Ruelle, a song that Simon Cowell loves.

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The members of the company explain how their project came about during the opening clip.

One shares, “What we want to transmit to the American people is to be there for one another, to be generous,” as another adds: “We like to give people hope with the stories we are presenting on stage.”

See more in the clip above.

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