Paris Jackson Discusses Her Fraught Relationship With The Press In Latest Episode Of ‘Unfiltered’

In the latest episode of “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn”, Jackson gets candid about her relationship with the press.

“All those tabloid places want clickbait and drama and excitement and this, that and the other — things that get people amped up,” Jackson, 22, says. “They will take anything and purposefully misconstrue it, to get clicks, to get paid…”

Jackson’s manager, Tom Hamilton, explains that the tabloid attention began with Jackson’s 2017 Rolling Stone cover story, claiming the interviewer asked questions that had been agreed would be avoided. “We were told it was never gonna be about her father,” said Hamilton.

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When the article came out — three days earlier than scheduled, he claims — Jackson arrived at LAX and found herself besieged by paparazzi, with the episode featuring footage of her literally running away as a mob of photographers chase her.

“That day played a huge role in her fear of paparazzi,” Hamilton says. “It was sort of like the beginning of a new chapter.”

As Jackson explains, all the press wants to know about is her late dad, Michael Jackson, and shares anecdotes about the manipulative methods that have been used on her.

In fact, Jackson reveals that she now will only do interviews via text. “That way I have proof of what I said,” she explains. “You cannot manipulate my words.”

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During the episode, Jackson reminisces about how her father insisted that she and brothers Prince Michael and Blanket always wore masks in public. “I appreciated it,” she says. “It was nice, because we were able to go to Chuck E. Cheese and Circus Circus, and be normal.”

Also weighing in is veteran publicist Elliot Mintz, whose clients have included John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Diana Ross, explaining that Jackson grew up in an “insulated” environment where she was taught “to be as invisible as possible.”

Now that she’s establishing herself as a celebrity in her own right, Mintz adds, “one of the things that I try to do is to help make her feel comfortable about being visible.”

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Ultimately, Jackson admits that she’s trying to come to terms with the way she’s covered in the press. “Sometimes I really do get frustrated and upset about it,” she adds. “Like, honestly, there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s only so much me and Elliot can do to, like, to cut the head off the snake or whatever. There’s only going to be another snake next week.”

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