Cocktails, Cleavage & Catfights With The RHOV In Our Studio

It’s cocktails, cleavage and catfights as the “Real Housewives of Vancouver”; join our Cheryl Hickey in the ET Canada studio on Wednesday.

Ahead of the series premiere on Slice at 9 p.m., the lively ladies Reiko, Jody, Christina, Ronnie and Mary sat down with Cheryl to dish on the big day.

“While I was sitting in my dressing room, having my coffee and having a muffin… I hear, “Where’s the booze?'”; Cheryl tells the ladies. To Reiko’s reply: “She’s just excited to be at ET Canada!”;

Christina pipes in: “No, you know what, this is our last interview before the show, so…”;

And Ronnie clarified, that “when we drink at 8:30 in the morning, it’s always rosé.”;

Watch the behind-the-scenes Breakfast of Champions chat with the ladies below! Plus, vote for your fave!



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