Creed is not only creepy, but he is also a singer.

Creed Bratton is most familiar to “The Office” fans as that weirdo in the company; however, the actor is also an accomplished musician. Bratton, 77, first appeared on television in 1967, the same year he released his first album, Let’s Live for Today, as part of The Grass Roots. Fast-forward to 2020 and he is still churning out music.

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Bratton released “The Ride” on Friday, a single from his upcoming eighth solo album, Slightly Altered. The album is available on July 17. “The Office” fans will find “The Ride” particularly intriguing because he originally wrote it as a parody of “The Office” theme song.

“I always played ‘The Office’ theme [on tour], but I had written lyrics to it,” he told Parade. “You know, ‘Let’s start at the top with Michael Scott led by Steve Carell, and he’s pretty swell. There’s Rainn Wilson, and he plays Schrute. He’s militant in his mustard suit…’ It goes on and on people love it, you know? So I recorded the office theme with my lyrics, and it sounded great.”

“And then my lawyer went to NBC to clear it, saying, Creed wants to put this out there. Nope, Nope. But in life, one obstacle opens something better. So, OK, I can’t do it. What am I going to do with the track? And I thought, maybe I will put some other lyrics to this track. That didn’t fly.”

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Eventually, Bratton turned it into an original song: “From there I wrote the whole song about a guy meeting the right woman. And she’s the one. He doesn’t care what she’s done before. That kind of thing. I think at my age, I still believe there’s that woman’s out there for me. It turned out to be a good thing, because the song is very catchy.”

Fun fact, Bratton has a pair of Billboard top 10s during his stretch as frontman and guitarist for The Grass Roots.