Coldplay Reveals The Very-Different First Take Of ‘Yellow’ Video

Coldplay broke through on the strength of the 2000 single “Yellow” and the music video featuring frontman Chris Martin singing the song while walking along a beach in the driving rain has become iconic.

However, the band took to TikTok to share an earlier take of the video, which is nothing like what ended up onscreen.

In the rain-free video, instead of wearing a great raincoat, Martin is barefoot and wearing a bright red sweater.

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Accompanying video of that first take, the band writes about what happened in a few captions.

“Take 1 of the Yellow video (we’ve never shown this before),” the first caption reads. “There were loads of extras in this version.”

The next caption explains, “But it rained all day so we sent them home at 4pm. Chris grabbed the cameraman and said ‘Let’s just walk down the beach.’”

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Ultimately, that resulted in the “Yellow” video that’s received more than 464 million views on YouTube.

“Worked out well in the end!” reads the final message.

@coldplayTake 1 of the Yellow video (never seen before) ##Coldplay ##Parachutes♬ original sound – coldplay

Compare the first take with what ended up being captured on camera in the official “Yellow” video:

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