New possible details about Britney Spears’ conservatorship have been revealed thanks to photographer Andrew Gallery.

Gallery worked with Spears for the 2008 documentary “For The Record” as well as spent time with her on tour, where she allegedly gave him a letter about the hotly debated conservatorship under her father Jamie Spears.

In a series of videos on TikTok, Gallery read the letter which quickly went viral.

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“I’ve been seeing all this stuff about the #FreeBritney movement, and I feel compelled to say something about this now. I used to work with Britney back in 2008, ’09 during her comeback. In that time, we became close friends. We were on tour together, spent every day together for, you know, a while. And in that time, she gave me a letter that she wanted me to read to you guys,” he said, telling viewers that, reportedly, conservators “destroyed” the original letter, but luckily he made a copy beforehand.

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The letter is written in third person and discusses Kevin Federline.

“What happened to Britney was a year ago and people need to get with the times. As for Kevin saying Britney divorced him, she was forced to by her lawyers because she went to visit him in N.Y. and he wouldn’t see her and the children and her lawyers said if she doesn’t divorce him he’s going to do it himself,” Gallery read.

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“She was lied to and set up. Her children were taken away and she did spin out of control which any mother would in those circumstances.”

The letter adds that Spears “has no rights” and the conservatorship will go on “as long as the people are getting paid…but it doesn’t make it right at all.”

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“She’s a very giving person and would love to get the respect she deserves,” the letter concludes.

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Gallery said that he didn’t speak out before because he was “under a contract” the recent insurgence of #FreeBritney on social media has him worried.