In a preview of Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent”, openly gay country singer Kameron Ross takes the stage and opens up about how his sexuality affected his place in country music.

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“Now I know who I wanna be and I’m absolutely ready to work back towards music,” he says.

Getting up on stage, Ross says he will be performing the song “Red Brick Road”: “It’s a song I grew up listening to. My grandma would actually tell me it was written about her. So growing up, I believed this song was written about her until she kinda broke the news.”

All initially goes well, with Ross performing the song to Sofia Vergara, who sways in her seat.

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But for Simon Cowell something sounds off. He suddenly stops Ross mid-performance to make a request: “I want you to sing a cappella, and I want you to prove the point you’ve been wanting to prove. I want you to stand out.”

Ross takes the note and begins to sing again, without music backing him, instantly grabbing Cowell’s attention.