Director X, Tantoo Cardinal First ‘Key To The Consulate’ Honourees From Canadian Consulate General In Hollywood

Director X and Tantoo Cardinal are the first-ever recipients of “Key To The Consulate” honour.

The two Canadians accepted the honour from the Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles on Monday, which recognizes outstanding civic and cultural contributions in building bridges between Canada and the global entertainment industry.

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Consulate and Canada’s House, a.k.a. the Official Residence of Canada in Los Angeles aims to improve equity and ensure that the Consulate reflects Canada’s diversity.

“Zaib and I both know there was a time in Canadian history when we wouldn’t be allowed in the building unless we were serving people. And now we up in the building, baby!” Director X, real name Julien Christian Lutz, said in his acceptance speech. “It says a lot that Canada has changed so much. It says a lot how far we’ve come, and the mission for the LA consulate to really bring inclusion into the building.”

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In hers, Cardinal added, “As artists, we have a responsibility to interpret the undercurrents of the waters of humanity. We are in the flow of a movement to impact social and systemic change for a healthier society. It is my hope that with this key, we will open the door to voices long silenced, still vibrant in undercurrents of society.”

The “Key To The Consulate” ceremony was originally supposed to take place earlier this year, but was pushed back following the outbreak of COVID-19.

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