Kate Middleton is showing her support for BBC’s Tiny Happy People Initiative.

The Duchess of Cambridge met with the people last week behind the project that aims to provide support to parents and caregiver to children under the age of 4.

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“Families and carers are at the heart of nurturing the next generation of happy, healthy adults, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to turn to for advice. Tiny Happy People is an invaluable resource which provides parents and carers with support and tips, as well as simple activities to ensure children develop the language skills they need to have the best possible start in life. I am delighted to have been part of its journey and hope families across the UK will enjoy exploring the resources,” Kate said of the launch.

“Some of the things with the parents, you know, Ryan saying his baby’s got five different cries, he’s learned a huge amount from Tiny Happy People,” Kate said while speaking to father, Ryan, and his daughter, Mia, 8-months.

“It’s information like that I wish I had had as a first-time mom, it’s gold dust really for families to be given those tips and tools to be able to use, particularly in those first five years.”

The resources include everything from quizzes to short videos which even included contributions from Kate herself.

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Kate helped out on two of the short videos including, “The science of singing to bump” and “How eye contact is key to your baby’s language learning”.

Through the Royal Foundation, Kate has made early childhood education a primary platform such as as the “5 Big Questions” survey that she took around the United Kingdom.

Kate appeared on “BBC Breakfast” as part of the Tiny Happy People initiative, where she admitted her son Prince Louis, 2, had been struggling with social distancing.

“I was just saying, Louis doesn’t understand social distancing,” the Duchess said. “So he goes out wanting to cuddle everything, particularly any babies younger than him.”