Charlize Theron Details Her Heartbreaking Talk With Her Black Daughters About George Floyd

Charlize Theron has had to have some difficult conversations recently with her two young daughters.

On Monday’s “The Tonight Show”, host Jimmy Fallon asked the star of “The Old Guard” how she has been dealing with issues like the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter with her Black daughters.

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“The day I became a parent, I vowed that I would always tell them the truth in a way that they can handle,” Theron said. “And I feel like this is such an important moment for them, for all of us.

“They have an awareness. I think we forget how aware sometimes our kids are. And I wanted them to know what this was all about, what happened to George Floyd and to so many Black bodies that have died from this violence. I wanted them to have an awareness of how unfair and how unjust all of this is.”

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Theron admitted that telling them all of these things may make her kids grow up faster than they should have, but that the significance of the moment required transparency.

“They handled it really well. I think it was heartbreaking at first,” she said. “They couldn’t understand that people would let something like that happen.”

She said that her daughters then ‘really wanted to be proactive” and wanted to make signs and go out to protest.

“They’ve really grown from this and have become little warriors in their own right,” Theron said proudly.

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