Director Oliver Stone isn’t mincing words when it comes to the current state of Hollywood.

“Everything has become too fragile, too sensitive,” the Oscar-winning “Platoon” director tells the New York Times. “Hollywood now – you can’t make a film without a COVID adviser. You can’t make a film without a sensitivity counsellor. It’s ridiculous.”

Stone, who is no stranger to controversial opinions, is at work on a number of projects and outlines how COVID-19 precautions have affected production timelines.

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“You know, I just read something about how films are going to be very expensive to make now because you need to take all these precautions, and a 50-day shoot becomes a 60-day shoot, and social distancing for actors,” he explains. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

It’s not just the production aspect that Stone is complaining about. The controversial director also calls the Academy fickle, likening the current state of the industry to Alice In Wonderland.

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“The Academy changes its mind every five, 10, two months about what it’s trying to keep up with,” he says. “It’s politically correct s*** and it’s not a world I’m anxious to run into. I’ve never seen it quite mad like this. It’s like an Alice in Wonderland tea party.”