An Australian comedian tricked “Tiger King” personality Carole Baskin into recording a shout-out for a convicted child sex offender.

Known for his bad-taste “jokes”, comedian Tom Armstrong used the popular celeb messaging site Cameo to engage Baskin. Users can pay a nominal fee to have a celebrity record a message based on a short script and details they have submitted.

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Armstrong paid the equivalent of C$199 for Baskin to record a message for convicted pedophile Rolf Harris, a former Australian entertainer who served three years in prison for sexually assaulting underage girls. His script also included a mention of Jimmy Savile, a BBC presenter who, following his 2011 death, had hundreds of sexual assault allegations lobbed against him.

“Hey, all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole Baskin at Big Cat Rescue,” Baskin says in the video message.

“Hi Rolf Harris – all your kids wanted to get together and tell you that you have really touched them and that they love all that you have done for them,” she says, clearly unaware of whom Harris is. “I hear there’s a lot of great stories about you and your best friend Jimmy Savile – can’t wait to hear those. Happy birthday, Rolf.”

When reached for comment by ET Canada, Baskin says she had no idea who Harris or Savile were and would not have recorded the message if she had.

“I am amazed at the lengths (and expense) people will go to in order to trash my reputation.  Of course, I have never heard of Rolf Harris, or Jimmy Seville [sic] and would not have done the Cameo had I known,” Baskin tells ET Canada in a statement. “The signature line in my email reads, ‘I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made. – Franklin D. Roosevelt,’ and I think that tells you all you need to know about the kind of people who abuse me in their efforts to make others hate me.”

The latest prank comes a week after Armstrong pulled the same stunt on “7th Heaven” actress Beverley Mitchell, whom he tricked into recording a greeting for Australian’s most notorious serial killer Ivan Milat. Now deceased, Milat murdered seven hitchhikers between 1989 and 1992.

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“Hey, Ivan! Not many people pick up hitchhikers anymore, but you really helped out the backpacker gang and you belong in 7th Heaven. So thank you, we need more people in the world like you, Ivan,” Mitchell says in the video.

Baskin was previously the victim of a prank call by YouTubers who pretended to be Jimmy Fallon back in May.

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