Paris Jackson discussed her new music alongside her brother Prince in an interview with “Good Morning America”.

Paris and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn recently released their band the Soundflowers’ eclectic folk-inspired EP, with the duo dropping the music video for their track “Your Look (Glorious)” Tuesday.

The model told ABC News’ Chris Connelly: “It wasn’t until the last couple of years where I started calling myself a musician and embracing that feeling that I think I was born to do this.

“I originally started writing music for myself, just as, just to get things out, to purge. It just feels good to… share it. It feels like, not butterflies in your stomach, but in your heart.”

“I do wear my heart on my sleeve, or so I’ve been told,” she continued. “I’m very expressive with my face, so people can usually tell when something’s wrong.”

Paris has been getting candid about growing up in the limelight in her Facebook Watch series “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn”. She recently spoke about self-harming and her struggle with depression.

“I think a part of it was… a good portion of it was just being that age and… going through the trials and tribulations of a 15-year-old girl,” she said on “GMA”. “Trauma is the seed to any kind of unhealthy coping skill that you choose.”

Paris said her brother has been a big part of her music: “He’s everything to me, you know? I’ve always looked up to him and always wanted his approval and everything, and wanted to be more like him.

“So to hear him approve, not just approve but enjoy what I do, it’s everything to me.”

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“She’s making music and putting it out there,” Prince said of his sister. “I feel that, obviously, with Michael Jackson’s daughter coming out, there’s a lot of sharks and people out there who wanna just take advantage of that.”

Watch the Soundflowers’ new music video, which was executive-produced and shot by Prince, below.

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