Mason Ramsey Lends His Voice To A Song About ‘Cow Farts’ For New Burger King Initiative

From Walmart to Burger King.

Two years after going viral from a Walmart in Illinois, Mason Ramsey, 13, is teaming up with Burger King for their new initiative to put an end to cow-based greenhouse-gas emissions.

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“When cows fart and burp and splatter/well it ain’t no laughing matter,” Ramsey sings in the ad. “So to change their emissions, Burger King went on a mission.”

He adds in the chorus, “Reducing meth-aa-aa-aane, meth-aa-aa-aane.”

The new commercial promotes the fast-food chain’s new Whopper menu item made from lemongrass-fed cows, which, according to BK, results in a 33 per cent reduction in methane emissions.

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