Kathy Griffin and Andy Cohen are bickering yet again.

It began to unfold after Griffin read an article by gossip columnist Cindy Adams and later decided to share her thoughts on Twitter.

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“A) F**k #CindyAdams. I have a little tea Hot beverage for you guys about her. Of course she’s trying to take down #MaryTrump. Typical. I’ve never spoken about this before, here we go…B) When my beloved Joan Rivers passed away, I was devastated. I still miss Joan every day as I know you guys do. She wasn’t just a mentor, she was a true and giving friend to me. Couple things about that awful week…” Griffin tweeted.

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“C) That POS Andy Cohen texted me the day Joan died with something like “you should take over ‘Fashion Police.’” My friend Joan was a person, not a job opportunity. Around that time #CindyAdams ran some BS in Page Six saying…” the comedienne continued.

Cohen ended up replying to Griffin’s second tweet, saying:

The star has spoken out about Cohen multiple times over the years. She used to work at Cohen’s Bravo network on her reality show “My Life on The D-List.” In 2017, Cohen told the press that he didn’t know Griffin.

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Last year, in an interview, Griffin revealed that Cohen treated her like “dog sh*t.”

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