Darius Rucker has some harsh words for the country music industry.

The country crooner, 54, chatted with the “Today” show on Tuesday about the industry’s shunning of the Dixie Chicks, now known as The Chicks, in 2003.

As country music fans remember, the country trio were shunned from the industry in 2003 after Natalie Maines’ 2003 comments about then-President George W. Bush.

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“[They were the] biggest thing in the business, they say one sentence, [and] every station stops playing their music,” he told the “Today” co-hosts.

Rucker added, “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Continuing, “One sentence could end your career in country music. It’s proven.”

On his own decision to share his support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Rucker said, “I’m sure I’ve already lost fans.”