Supermodel Beverly Johnson Gets Engaged At 67

Beverly Johnson isn’t letting her age get in the way of love.

The 67-year-old supermodel is engaged to 70-year-old financier Brian Maillian.

“This is the first time I’ve dated someone so close to my age! We know the same songs and we’ve lived through a lot of the same things,” Johnson told People of their relationship.

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Commenting on being the first Black woman to appear on the cover of Vogue in 1974, Johnson said, “As I was breaking boundaries in the fashion industry, he was doing the same on Wall Street.”

She added that “just finding the love of my life at this point in my life has been amazing.”

Johnson also shared that the engagement was unplanned, coming up during a family event in Palm Springs.

“My older sister Sheilah was there and she said to Brian, ‘I didn’t hear you give my sister an answer when she asked you to marry her,'” she recalled. “And he said, ‘I have answered her. I have asked her to marry me. And she said no. Besides that — I don’t have a ring.'”

She continued, “Brian’s 88-year-old mother took off her wedding ring and passed it down the table till it got to Brian and he got down on one knee. I was sobbing uncontrollably and he said, ‘Will you marry me?’ and I said yes!”

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Johnson then took the ring off and gave it back to Maillian’s mother.

“You can keep it on until the rest of the day!” her soon-to-be mother-in-law told her.

She joked, “I was like, How the heck did that happen? I was saying, I’m never going to get married again.”

Johnson was previously married to real estate agent Billy Potter and later music producer Danny Sims, with whom she shares a daughter.

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