Charlie Puth Plays Musical Matchmaker For Lovestruck Radio Listeners

Charlie Puth paid a virtual visit to Capital FM’s “Capital Breakfast” radio show to chat with hosts Roman Kemp, Sonny Jay and Sian Welby about his new single, “Girlfriend”.

Admitting it “feels really, really good” to finally have the song released, Puth reveals that he first started work on the track “two years ago… it’s been a really long journey but I’m happy that it’s finally out.”

Later in the interview, Kemp tells Puth he has two listeners on the line who are both fans of his who’ve been getting to know each other virtually after meeting on a dating app while on lockdown.

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“Mate, we would really like it if you could help the guy ask the girl to be his girlfriend,” Kemp says.

“Hell yeah!” declares Puth.

The guy, Liam, appeared fairly confident that the girl, Lucy, would say yes.

As for his role in all this, Puth joked that “any sort of shameless promotion I can use for myself and make this about me is something that should be reckoned with, so I’m absolutely going to sing some new lyric for Liam to Lucy with my song.”

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With that, Puth launched into a piano-driven performance of his new single, making up new lyrics on the spot that culminate with, “Lucy, will you be Liam’s girlfriend?”

Find out her response in the video above.

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