Nia Long Discusses Being Racially Profiled By Flight Attendant: ‘Where Is Your Humility?’

Nia Long paid a virtual visit to  Global‘s “The Talk”, to appear in the episode airing Friday, July 17.

During the interview, the “BlackAF” actress addressed an unpleasant experience she had with American Airlines when, she claimed, she was racially profiled by a flight attendant.

“I got a huge apology, so thank you American Airlines for standing by and standing up and being responsible for your flight attendant’s behaviour,” she said. “So, I do appreciate that.”

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Long detailed the in-flight incident: “This flight attendant was rude to another young Black woman who was pregnant and who had a toddler, who was sitting in the main cabin who came to the front of the plane to use the restroom”

“She said you may not use the restroom up here, you need to go back there. And immediately I was just like, where are we in the world where you’re not going to allow this woman to use the restroom? I don’t care what cabin she’s sitting in, it doesn’t matter,” Long continued.

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“Do you not see what’s happening in the world? Where is your humility and your sense of integrity for humanity? She was pregnant and had a toddler. It just doesn’t make any sense. So at some point unions need to re-evaluate the way that they manage their employees, and corporations have to be responsible for that behaviour,” Long continued. “We have to change the way that we’re thinking. So really, what it boiled down to for me is, I felt like we were both being racially profiled, because she was rude to me, too.”

The interview can be seen in its entirety in Friday’s edition of “The Talk”, airing weekdays at 2 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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