A TikTok user has been dishing the dirt on her favourite and least favourite celebrity encounters while working as a hostess in Manhattan.

One of the people Julia Carolan said wasn’t the nicest was Hailey Bieber, rating her a 3.5/10 in the clip and saying, “I’ve met her a handful of times and every time she was not nice.

“I really wanna like her, but I have to give her a 3.5 out of 10. Sorry.”

This didn’t sit well with Bieber, who commented, “Just came across this video, and wanted to say sorry if I’ve ever given you bad vibes or a bad attitude. That’s not ever my intention!” Just Jared reported.

@juliacarolannThese are just my personal experiences, pls take with a grain of salt 💖 xo ##greenscreen ##manhattan ##fyp ##foryoupage ##celebrity ##rating ##newyork♬ OUT WEST – JACKBOYS & Travis Scott

Carolan, who insisted all her comments were just her “personal experiences,” urging viewers to “take it with a grain of salt,” also didn’t have great things to say about the Jenner sisters.

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She said Kylie Jenner left a $20 tip on a $500 bill, adding: “Do with that information what you will” and scoring her 2/10.

Kendall got double that, nabbing a 4/10, but Carolan said: “I did not have the best experience with [her]. She used to come in all the time but was pretty cold toward staff. She also usually has someone speak for her and doesn’t speak directly to staff,” adding she might just be shy.

@juliacarolannAsk and you shall receive…PART 2‼️ (a friendly reminder that these are just my personal experiences, no hate xo) ##manhattan ##celebrity ##fyp♬ Hood Baby – Kbfr

Celebs that earned raves include Nick Jonas, Josh Peck, and the Hadid sisters Bella and Gigi.

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Carolan also gave Beyoncé a 10,000,000/10, gushing: “When she left she made sure to look at me and gave me a big smile and said thank you. She’s beautiful.”