Charlize Theron Tells Seth Meyers About How A Valet Was Terrified By A Rubber Axe In Her Car

Nobody wants to mess with Charlize Theron.

On Wednesday, the star of “The Old Guard” was on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and shared the story of how she scared a restaurant valet with one of the props from the film.

As part of her fight training, the film’s fight co-ordinator Danny Hernandez had her keep a rubber version of the axe from the film with her at all times.

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“It looks like it is going to hurt you just looking at it,” she said. “Danny said, ‘Listen, just keep it with you at all times, even if you go for a drive, if you go to a restaurant… just have it in the car, just hold it, or if you’re in the kitchen, just twirl it a little bit.”

One night when she was out at dinner, a valet caught a glimpse at the fake axe and was stunned.

“His face!” Theron recalled. “He didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t quite understand it. I was like, ‘Did I tip him? Is it because I did not tip enough?’ And then I got in the car and the big axe was just lying there, and I was like, ‘Ohhhhh.'”

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Also during the interview, Theron and Meyers talked about sharing a publicist with Rihanna and getting to go day drinking with the singer.

“I went home to fall asleep in my foyer,” Meyers said, “and I got the sense that that wasn’t the last drinking she did. I got the sense that the most drinking I had done in years was just, like, warmup stretches for her.”

“I had the luxury of doing some night drinking with her over in London,” Theron revealed, “and it was some of the best night drinking I’ve ever done in my entire life. She needs to be in the next ‘Old Guard’.”

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