Ellie Goulding Celebrates Her First New Album In Five Years

It’s been five years since Ellie Goulding released her last album, but that doesn’t mean the singer hasn’t been busy. From touring the world, moving to a new city, and making new music to tying the knot last year, Goulding has had a lot on her plate.

“I had, like, two world tours essentially back to back. I was doing a lot,” the English singer-songwriter tells ET Canada. “And then after that I was still performing at festivals and you know the biggest song of my career was on the album so I was doing a lot of stuff and it only really in the past few years… I moved to New York.”

Part of that time in New York gave Goulding, 33, the chance to lie low and explore new ideas.

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“I spent a lot of time just being anonymous. Going to the studio, and seeing a lot of art, and meeting people and that was my time where I was really able to get some new music written. And that’s literally how I ended up writing Brightest Blue in New York,” she says. The album is out Friday.

“If I was walking out and about I’d get one or two people who would double-take me and be like, ‘Who is that? Is she an actress or something?’ but for the most part, I was anonymous. And even at things like dinners and parties and all the things that we can’t do right now… it was just so nice for someone to say, ‘Well, what do you do?’ and I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m a musician,’ and to speak about it in a really different way, instead of being like a celebrity.”

“And I think that that helped with the writing, if I’m being honest,” she adds.

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Goulding will also be celebrating her one-year anniversary to Caspar Jopling next month.

“Honestly, him and I have not even discussed it! I think that both of us are like, ‘Wait. What? No way a year!’ But it’s been a really great year. It’s been really chill, really fun, cannot complain…at all. And to be honest, we haven’t thought of anything,” she says. “I’m a big foodie so we’ll probably eat some really bad food. Oh, and ‘bad’ as in ‘junk food’ or something somewhere cause it’s been a while… It’s been a while.”

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