There’s another Joe Exotic documentary on the way.

Animal Planet will release a new special based on the former zoo operator and the animals who were rescued from the G.W. Zoo, titled “Surviving Joe Exotic”.

It was shot four months before Exotic was arrested for murder-for-hire charges.

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Exotic is asked in the new trailer why he did what he did, insisting you wouldn’t make the move into the business for the money.

He even got a gun out at one point to scare a bird away.

The never-before-seen footage was filmed in 2018 for Animal Planet’s “Wolves and Warriors” and will include interviews with former G.W. Zoo employees, such as Saff Saffery, who lost an arm to one of Exotic’s tigers, the Hollywood Reporter claimed.

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It will also feature “surviving animals such as visually impaired tigers Kryxis and Kadira, whose vision was restored after rescue from the G.W. Zoo through surgery at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana, as well as Chobe and Kariba, who were relocated to the Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary in Oregon.”

“Surviving Joe Exotic” is set to air on July 25 at 10 p.m. ET.