Cameron Diaz is opening up about keeping busy during quarantine.

The actress, 47, chatted with Rolling Stone about life during a pandemic with a newborn, and how she, husband Benji Madden and baby Raddix are keeping busy.

“In the last seven months I’ve entered the best phase of my life: motherhood!” she gushed. “So it’s been all about my home and family. And I am trying to participate in a thoughtful way in the larger and most important conversation that our society is currently engaged in.”

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And motherhood means a lot of “Baby Shark”.

“Well since we have a little one, we are really jamming out to some dope ‘Sesame Street’ jams,” Diaz added. “We got ‘Baby Shark’ in the mix, and of course Benji has written at least a dozen songs for her. So we are doing serious upbeat and often acapella jams over here.”

On top of motherhood and the coronavirus, Diaz has also launched her own wine line, Avaline. But while she put a lot of work into the brand, Diaz admits it’s disappointing to hear the wine be referred to a “celebrity wine.”

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“Well I guess it’s just as easy to slap a label on a ‘celebrity’ as it is for a celebrity to slap a label on a bottle, so I get how people might think that’s what Avaline is,” she explained. “But I’ve never slapped my name on anything. I’ve always done the work. Even though it’s never felt like work to me because I only pursue things that I am passionate about.”

Diaz and Madden announced they welcomed their daughter Raddix in January.

Read the full article in Rolling Stone here.

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