Katherine Langford is making sure her voice is heard.

As the cover star of Glamour UK‘s July digital issue, the actress is opening up finding herself, ditching labels and the challenges of filming the Netflix drama series “Cursed”.

Although speaking up can be difficult with the outdated narrative of “difficult women” still swirling, Langford is ensuring she speaks up.

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“With ‘Cursed’, I wasn’t talked down to or sweet talked, like when people call you ‘sweetie’ or ‘honey.’ There was a respect that I also earned from doing certain stunts,” Langford said. “When your voice can be heard and people can respect it, listen to it, without prejudice or without other ideas, that’s how it should be really. Everyone’s voice is equal, and everyone has their own experience to talk from, everyone’s opinion is valid and important.”

Katherine Langford for Galmour UK
Katherine Langford for Galmour UK

Langford also added that she does not want limit who she is with labels.

“I still feel like I don’t know 100 per cent who I am, and I don’t want to put labels on myself because we put labels on things to make them easier to digest,” she said. “I still feel restless but in a good way because to hell with that, f**k it, I’ll make my own box.”

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In mentioning the stunts she’s done on the set of “Cursed”, the star went on to talk about how difficult filming can be: “The magnitude of this job is something that I don’t think anyone expected I had to learn sword fighting, horse riding and come up with a new English dialect and maintain it through 16-hour days. I had to be able to do these stunts and maintain that stamina without getting injured.”

Read the full interview in the Glamour UK July digital issue online now.